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Four Corners Productions is now the sole distributor of opera supertitles by SONYA FRIEDMAN

Friedman was the innovator of opera subtitles for television for
The Metropolitan Opera Presents, Great Performances and Live From Lincoln Center, and continues to write for these opera telecasts.

Friedman was the first writer of supertitles for live opera performances -- at New York City Opera, and then in opera houses throughout the country.

Friedman was the first writer of the Metropolitan Opera’s Met Titles. She continues to write Met Titles, as well as subtitles for the Met’s telecasts - and for their new broadcasts of live matinee performances in movie theaters in ’07.

Sonya Friedman’s titles have also been used by:

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Cleveland Opera
Cincinnati College Conservatory
Duke University
Huntsville Chamber Music Guild
Mobile Opera
New Orleans Opera
New York City Opera
Opera Festival of New Jersey
Opera North
Opera Providence
Philadelphia Orchestra
Seattle Opera
Yale Opera…and many others.

These companies have found Sonya's translations to be literate, concise, poetic, comic (where appropriate!) – and carefully crafted for the pace and nuance of each opera, greatly enriching the opera experience for their audiences.

If you have never used Sonya's titles before, we invite you to request a perusal script for your next production so you can judge her work for yourself:

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